Wicca's Originals & DRD | Alyx Legs
Presenting Wicca's Originals and DRD's first ever collab!
Wicca's Originals and DRD have worked together to bring you this amazing and highly-detailed post apocalyptic, prosthetic leg, perfect for any kind of cyperpunk and apocalyptic looks and RP! 
Sold at the event in the DRD booth!

.Shi | Arcane Head accessory
.Shi | Boot

DRD | Wasteland Weapon - Spear




Wicca's Originals | Jamie boots
Sizes: Maitreya, Legacy, Freya, Hourglass 
HUD: 10 Colors & Metals 

Zibska | Cornelie Set
Cornelie includes mask in upper and lower sections,
shoulders left & right with 18 colours for sections 1/2/3

Zibska | Pensri Eyemakeup
12 colours
Zibska | Pensri Lips
12 colours in 3 fits

Boon | Cor.012 hair
Sweet thing | Little tokyo Dress



Azoury | Outsiders Legs
Azoury | A World Beyond Heels
Azoury | La Baronne Hands

Zibska |Adona Eyemakeup
Zibska |Adona Lips
Zibska | Adona Blush

.Shi | Top PVC Red

JJ | Specialty Tattoo (Gynoid/Android)
SU | Necromancer Face Implant
Bauhaus Movement | Interdimensional Hyperdrive




Wicca's Originals | Ayda Outfit [Color Edition]
Panty, Corset, Chest Pipes
Sizes: Maitreya, Freya, Legacy, Slink Hourglass
HUD: 10 Colors

Wicca's Originals | Omega Arms

Zibska Viance Headpiece
Zibska Viance Makeup
Zibska Viance Lips
Zibska Viance Blush

Zibska | Dynastes Tattoo
Zibska | Lifa Contouring Noir

.Shi | Mouth piercing

Swallow | Gauged Ears
CX | Chin Pointer




Wicca's Orginals | Impulse Headpiece (left version)
Impulse Headpiece - Unisex - Mod/Copy/No Trans
HUD: 10 Colors/Metals
There are 3 different parts in the box - one full headpiece and one left/right version

Zibska | Sisu Lips
Zibska | Sisu Eyemakeup

SU | Necromancer Eyebrows White
Wyrd | Genus Eyja Junter Skin
Vegas | Dark Awakening Tattoo
Salon de Glow | M-11 Hairpieces
Walkyr | The Morrighan Ears



Wicca's Originals | Ashera Heels
Sizes: Maitreya, Legacy, Freya, Slink (Hourglass & Physique) 
HUD: 10 Colors & Metals (Plates can be hidden all 3 SEPERATELY via the HUD)

Wicca's Originals | Valorie Bodychains
Panty "Plate" can be hidden via the HUD
matches Nyana and Ashara
Sizes: Maitreya, Legacy, Freya, Slink (Hourglass & Physique) 

Wicca's Originals | Nyana Legchains
Legchains match Valorie bodychains in style and colors
Plates can be hidden via the HUD
Sizes: Maitreya, Legacy, Freya, Slink (Hourglass & Physique)

Zibska | Pensri Set
 Pensri includes headpiece, collar and shoulders left & right
with 20 colours for headpiece and collar main/accent and shoulders
Zibska | Pensri Eyemakeup
in 12 colours




Wicca's Originals | Ayda Outfit [Dark Edition]
Panty, Corset, Chest Pipes
Sizes: Maitreya, Freya, Legacy, Slink Hourglass
HUD: 10 Colors

Wicca's Originals | Jethro Gloves (bento)
Sizes: Maitreya, Legacy, Hourglass
HUD: 10 Colors and 10 Metals

Vegas | Black Soul Tattoo


Zibska | Merle Shoulders
Zibska | Sisu Makeup
Zibska | Sisu Lips
Wanderlust Weekend | 31-Oct-01Nov

Zibska | Caelie Eyemakeup [Group Gift] added on top of Sisu Makeup
.Shi | Mouth piercing

CX | Chin pointer
Vegas Tattoo | Awakening
Swallow | Rox Ears
David Heather | Duni Kufi



Zibska | Phthisis
includes mask and optional fungus with 9 colours for head, antennae and palp and 10 colours for those

Zibska | Calandra Wings Rare (Gacha)

David Heather | Love Catsuit




Wicca's Originals | Lamia Collar Bloody Version
Spikes and barbwire can be attached optional
Can be worn WITH or WITHOUT head
Sizes: Maitreya Lara, Legacy, Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass & Physique
HUD: 10 Colors

.Shi | Mouth Piercing
CX | Chin Pointer
Suicidal Unborn SU! | Cyber Eyes Necro 3000X
Suicidal Unborn SU! | Cyber Necromancer FX Makeup (BoM)
BroadWing | Eye Bags (BoM)
BroadWing | Rotten Soul (BoM)
TF | Metal Head (BoM)