Azoury | Familiar
Right & Left barbed wire
Maitreya: Lara . Legacy: Female

Azoury | Blandies
Right & Left Shoe
Colors: Onyx/Red/Silver/Caramel
Maitreya: Lara . Belleza: Freya . Legacy: Female

ED | Blaize Outfit

ChiMia | othic Fireplace
Laminak - Pendragon Floor Standing Candlestick




Wicca's Originals | Valia necklace
Sizes: Maitreya (Lara, Petite, Flat), Legacy (Original (F), Perky, Male),
Signature Gianni + unrigged version
HUD: 10 Metal Colors
you can hide both chains separate via HUD
so you can wear both chains or decide for each of those
(either necklace or piercing)

Zibska | Vidar headpiece
includes headpiece in upper and lower sections
and orbit with 18 colours for main and accent sections 1/2/3

Zibska | Neta Makeup
in 14 colours
Zibska | Neta Lips
in 54 colours
The Neta cosmetic packs are Evo X packs,
compatible only with the Lelutka Evo X mapped heads
and include tattoo & universal tattoo BOM layers.



Wicca's Originals | Rory Collar
Sizes: Maitreya (Lara, Petite, Flat) + Legacy (F) (Classic, Perky) - mod/copy/ no trans
HUD: 10 Colors & 10 Metals

Zibska | Aruru Set
includes shoulders left & right and orbits 1& 2 in left and right sections with 14 colours for shoulders main and flowers/petals

Zibska | Orly Lips
Lips in 18 colours
Lelutka EVO X compatible only for this event
and include tattoo & universal tattoo BOM layers

anc | Garden "end of universe"
anc | sinking trees



.Shi | SHEMA Stretched Ears
- Unrigged
- Available in 2 metals | Silver & Steel
- 7 Skin tones via HuD & color picker
- Linked separately for your creative preference

. Shi | Unisex studded cap gift now available
2 Colors & Metals included!
P/s : Please wear the .Shi group in order to retrieve the gift.

Wicca's Originals | Djuna Top
Sizes: Maitreya (Lara+Petite), Legacy (Female+Perky)
HUD: 10 Fabric Colors, 10 Leater Colors, 10 Metal Colors
Available as Fatpack OR 4 single colors (single colors only change metals and opacity)
Special: you can change the opacity: "opaque-transparent-off" for the shirt on the HUD (fatpack+single colors)

S.E. | Lelutka EvoX Fake Friends Hairbase
Lilithe' | Skadi Tattoo - Double Chin Fade
Nefekalum | Sobek Tattoo
Miwas | Kiki Leather Pants
Izzie's | Age Spots, Face imperfections, Freckles for EvoX




Azoury | Junko Boots

Zibska | Libitina
Libitina Set includes headpiece and shoulders left & right
with 13 colours for skul & fronds, 14 colours for flowers
Libitina Eyemakeup in 15 colourus
Libitina Lips in 18 colours

KMH | CP005 Hair
Infiniti | Raving Peach Dress




Wicca's Originals | Phase
1) Phase Mask
Sizes: unisex - mod/copy/no trans
HUD: 10 Colors/Metals
2) Phase Glasses
Sizes: unisex - mod/copy/no trans (so transparency can be adjusted with edit/select faces)
HUD: 10 Colors/Metals
(sold separately as 2 Exclusives but as well a fatpack is available)

Meva | Denari Outfit
Tram | K0729 Hair
Zeroichi | Cyber Umbrella Hat
Vegas | Game Over Tattoo
Paparazi | Cyber Tunnel Backdrop




Wicca's Originals | Enni Outfit
Sizes: Maitreya (Lara, Petite, Flat) + Legacy (Original, Perky)
HUD: 10 Colors & 10 Metals
Available as Fatpack or 5 different single colors
(Single Colors have a HUD but only to change straps & metals)

Bondi | Toy soldier Cap
Kunst | Slim Cigarette
no.match | No_Secret Hair



Azoury | Les Plus Essentielles
• Not Rigged Mesh Headwrap
• Not Rigged Mesh Forehead Jewelry
• Not Rigged Mesh Earring
• Not Rigged Mesh Necklace
• Copy/Modif/No Trans
(with Resizer/Stretch)




Wicca's Originals | Loki Vest
Sizes: Legacy male, Signature Gianni, Maitreya flat
HUD: 10 Colors & Metals

Wicca's Originals | Maddy Gloves
Available at Mainstore

AsteroidBox | Jessie Shorts
Haro | Diesel Boots
Haro | Zip collar
KMH | Hair F173 [Gift]
Izzie's | Face & Body Dirt tattoo



Zibska | Felicienne Hat

Zibska | Liza Set
The Liza set includes earrings, earring orbits, collar and collar orbit with 36 colours via HUD for collar and earrings sections 1/2/3 and orbits.

Zibska | Liza Lips
in 18 colours
Lelutka Evo X compatible only and include tattoo & universal tattoo BOM layers.